★ Christmas Exchange; Wish a Happy Christmas!

¡Muras! ¡ We bring you this new proyect in order to wish a Happy Christmas to another Mura! This is a opportunity to meet other fans of SCREW around the world! And wish them Happy Holidays!♥

It will be SECRET! This way it´ll be more exciting!

¿How to participate? Fill the format !


On Monday we´ll send the information about the Mura you´ll send the letter!

Participants MUST be serious. This is because we want that each Mura receives her/his letter.

If the Mura that you´ll send a letter is from latin america or knows spanish, you can just send her a postal with SCREW photo and a short message like "Happy Christmas!" use your imagination! The same way to Mura´s who doesn´t know english.

Sooner you´ll send the letter is better!! Remember that the letter is for Christmas-New Year Holidays!

How do I send my letter? Postal Office (From each country, the most cheapest)

Content of the card: Letter + draw, picture, postal with Kazuki´s face, etc -This are EXAMPLES, you can send whatever you want-

Let´s have fun with other SCREW Fans!

★ Questions about the proyect!

  • What I can send?

Whatever you want, It can be a letter with a draw, a postal card with SCREW photo (or the favorite member of the Mura), etc.

  • How I´ll send it?

Use the Postal Service of your country! 

  • To who I´ll send the letter?

On Monday, we´ll send emails with the information of the Mura that you´ll write!

  • What happens if the Mura that I´ll write just speaks in Spanish)

You can ask for help (traduction), or you can send draws, anything you want with a simple phrase like "Merry Christmas" etc. It´s optional! Use your imagination! 

  • How to participate? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1B2IWdlZc8HuF9HQ2NSm3art3T6cYthTNqe5UTnOxKUA/viewform